Global Business Associates, LLC
Mergers and Acquisitions

Exclusive Sale and Divestiture Engagements

Every sale engagement is unique and depends on the specific needs and objectives of our client's management and shareholders. GBA assists our clients in preparing for a corporate sale by:
  • Developing a recognizable revenue growth pattern of past and future revenue streams that will be used to value the company to be sold
  • Ensuring that all corporate paperwork is in order and that valuation and review can proceed
  • Establishing a due diligence file  that potential buyers will need to analyze the company
  • Assisting management in developing an expert presentation for positioning the company for sale
  • Introducing the client to prospective buyers
  • Helping management navigate the selling process

Acquisition Advisory Services

Purchasing a business is a complex process. GBA uses it's expertise to research and identify acquisition prospects, initiate preliminary conversations, recommend and implement a winning strategy. Our Partners and Associates pride themselves on identifying and valuing the best businesses that fit our client's criteria.

Every GBA Client deals with one of the Managing Partners to provide guidance and long-term advice on acquisitions. If necessary they will help secure acquisition financing. Whether the goal is to acquire an ongoing business, a new technology, expand a geographic presence, add new products or services. GBA will create value for the client from initial contact, due diligence and valuation, to negotiation and deal structuring, GBA Partners will assist in every step of the process.

Family-Owned Business Transactions

GBA understands the opportunities and challenges that face family-owned companies when they address conflicts between business requirements and the evolving and sometimes divergent interests of family shareholders. We realize that these perspectives must be discussed and aligned as much as possible to optimize the collective interests and objectives of all.  These conflicts may range from selecting a management successor to providing liquidity for family members not directly involved in the business.

Family constituencies may include relatives actively involved in managing the business, those who rely on their ownership position in the business as a significant source of income or personal wealth and even non-family managers and employees. Additionally, family links may involve customers, suppliers and even the local community where business interests reside. 

We address a number of critical questions to help sort through important strategic and shareholder decisions including:
  • How much is the business worth? 
  • Is now a good time to be selling the business?
  • How can I retire with no family member to replace me?

We address these and other important issues with the objective to create solutions that capture the maximum value and wealth of the business and preserve it for family generations. 

Management Buyouts

GBA Partners and Associates have extensive transaction experience advising both management teams and owners in the purchase or sale of businesses. In addition to structuring and negotiating transactions, GBA can assist management buyers in securing appropriate external financing to consummate its purchase transaction. We provide guidance in structuring equity positions as well as defining major provisions in key executive employment contracts. We also provide valuation services to assure owners that they will receive a fair and competitive value for their business.
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