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Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances

GBA has structured Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances with the purpose of effectively strengthening market and technology advantages.  JV's and Alliances are usually formed between two or more parties to undertake a mutually defined business activity or to strengthen perceived strategic weaknesses. 

Joint Ventures

Two parties that enter into a Joint Venture generally agree to create a new entity and jointly contribute some form of equity.  The shared goal of the new entity establishs a system for covering expenses, generating revenue and creating profit.  A JV may be for one specific project or for an ongoing business relationship.

GBA specializes in working out the many details of a JV agreement to reach an equitable and clean working relationship. Doing this without conflict and with mutual benefits to the parties is the objective in any JV discussion. The steps to achieve a successful JV relationship include determining the most practical legal structure for the entity. This process weighs the advantages of  a "C" corporation, an "LLC" corporation, a partnership or some other legal structure with domestic or offshore locations.  These decisions evaluate many facets of the transaction including revenue sources, tax and location issues. 

If JV's are domiciled in different countries it increases the complexity of the agreement but it may also be the best case solution for the parties.  GBA can help resolve these issues and achieve viable business alternatives that complement the partners' skills and contribution to the JV. It sometimes creates additional value simply by expanding the geographic presence for the business. 

Strategic Alliances
Strategic Alliances and relationships may evolve from traditional business activity but in today's world of complex technology and market expansion, they are more often sought to fill particular needs. 

When requested, GBA assists our clients to locate and screen companies that add specific synergy to their operation.  Whether of not it's  complementary technologies, market positions in untapped target markets or just the need for additional qualified manpower, our Partners and Associates are prepared to find and assist management in this endeavor.
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