Global Business Associates, LLC
M&A Advisors and Value Enhancing Strategic Consultants

We live in uncertain times 
                        - but that's a matter of perspective!

In today's economy owners of many family owned enterprises as well as professional managers of private and public companies are cutting expenses and seeking greater liquidity and more streamlined operations by selling portions or all of their businesses. 

Conversely, there are others who hold private equity interests or operate ongoing businesses who have sufficient liquidity. Many of them desire to add compatible commercial operations to their portfolio.
Finding, structuring and consumating these divestitures and acquisitions to make them acceptable to parties on both sides of the table is a technical exercise that requires significant expertise in management, finance and law.  It is that expertise, mixed with the added value of practical deal making, that is provided by the GBA team of professionals. We bring in-depth experience to both sides of the table, whether we represent the seller or buyer.  

Global Business Associates is a boutique M&A firm that serves Mid-Market companies by enhancing their value in a variety of ways. Our primary services include: 

  • Merger and Acquisition Advisory
  • Equity and Expansion Capital Sourcing
  • Strategic Market Positioning and Partner Searches
  • Joint Venture Concepts and Negotiation Assistance
  • International / Cross Border Arrangements

Our primary clients include mid-market domestic and international companies with a history of positive cash flow. They range from entrepreneurs and generational family businesses to professionally managed corporations with institutional investors. Our clients may turn to GBA to expand their capital resources, create synergistic relationships, find and acquire compatible businesses, divest a component operation, oversee a management buyout or to sell their business to a third party.

GBA Partners and Associates are experienced international business professionals that have the skill sets required to yield maximum value for our clients no matter what their goals. 

Our Mission
We are dedicated to enhancing the wealth of our clients by providing high value but reasonable cost M&A advisory and strategic consulting services and to do so at a profit. 

GBA is a client focused organization that practices:
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Accountability
  • Teamwork
  • Urgency
  • Excellence

Our Partners and Associates are deeply committed to making long lasting client relationships by using the highest standards of business ethics and by exceeding management's performance expectations.

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